Monthly Archives: May 2021

Business Will Continue on As Usual

I own a hibachi style restaurant in Brooklyn, and the last thing I want to have at my restaurant is customers who can’t stay cool. We cook a lot of hot food right in front of the customer and our chefs make sure to put on a good show while feeding the customers to ensure maximum satisfaction. If the air conditioner breaks, then our customers will really feel the heat and want to leave. I contacted a company for HVAC repair for Brooklyn without hesitation when the air conditioner in my restaurant started malfunctioning.

Luckily for me and the patrons of my restaurant, the problem with the air conditioner was one that was easy to fix. One simple part in the system needed to be replaced and once it was, everything was working as it did before. I was relieved to know that the air conditioner problem wouldn’t cause an impact on my ability to run the restaurant. Even when the repair company fixed the problem, they were able to do so discreetly so that no one was able to see them working behind the scenes.

To celebrate my air conditioner working again, I decided to offer my customers a discount for an entire week. I usually reserve these kinds of discounts for certain holidays, but I was willing to make an exception in this case since I was in such a good mood. The amount of customers that come to my restaurant in a given day increases whenever I offer discounts because my regulars will tell other people about them and those people will also tell other people. Whenever those people enter and sit down for the show that my chefs put on, none of them will ever know that there was something wrong with the air conditioner just a short while ago.