Las Vegas for Beginners

So you’re coming to Las Vegas, FINALLY! Well we are excited to have you and want your trip to be as memorable and fun-filled as you do. So here are some helpful hints and tips to ensure that your vacation in the vacation of a lifetime.

First let’s decide on a hotel. Location, location, location is TOP PRIORITY. Deciding where to stay in Vegas is one of the most important decision you have to make. You will have to decide what needs you have before choosing. So decide what is most important to you. Will it be the prices, location or if you have any special needs that need to be met (inability to walk far, need a refrigerator for medicines, etc.)? You should also decide if you would like to stay on the Strip, Off Strip, or in the Downtown area. After addressing and deciding on these needs start checking that area online for hotels and sign up on their websites for special e-mail promotions for the properties you have selected as possible options.

While checking rates if they seem a bit high for that time of year make sure to check the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority web page and see what conventions are in town. Timing your trip will also have an impact on what you can do, what kind of deals are available to you like July and August are our hottest months are less expensive than the block from Thanksgiving to Christmas and if you’re planning a New Year’s in Las Vegas booking months in advance is the only way to get any break.

The amount of walking you will be doing is going to blow your mind. Make sure you have comfortable broken in shoes before you arrive. The Casinos are built on such a grand scale and are nowhere near as close as they appear to be. Sometimes you will walk a mile from the sidewalk to your room so the hotels are nowhere near as close as you may have thought. You can refer to Las Vegas’ getting around page that will inform you of all forms of transportation to see if there are any connectors/trams/shuttles that will take you to and from your hotel.

Do not leave your hotel room without these items in your bag. A bottle or two of water as you will dehydrate faster than you realize (the sweat evaporates so quickly you do not even realize you have been sweating). Also carry lip balm so your lips do not chap before you realize it. Just don’t leave it in the car. (Bloody mess)

And here is one of the best and biggest tips we can give you. Have a gaming/food budget! Possible ways to do this and stay on your budget is to take money out and put into separate envelopes and any money left over that day can be considered a win! For the foodies, do your research here folks! Some places will carry a dinner that can be up to $100 a person or you can find ways on Las Vegas for for money saving suggestions that can have you eating on $20-$30 a day budget for exceptional dining. And what kind of helper would I be if I did not suggest you check out ALL of the hotels deals they have on their buffets… Most all of the resorts have special prices for their club card holders that will get you a buffet meal for under $10. Also Las Vegas has every fast food restaurant your hometown does too and maybe some you have never hear of… Eating or finding affordable dining will not be a top worry here. As long as you do a little early planning.

Speaking of planning. Plan early, start making plans, check websites to print off maps of the Strip and Downtown area so you will know where everything is you’re looking for. It is very easy to get turned around and lost as everything is on such a large scale things appear much closer than they really are. So unless you’re careful you can end up feeling a little like Alice after she fell down the rabbit hole. So come prepared and you hopefully will not get lost.

There is so much to do and so much to see do not overwhelm yourself trying to do it all. It isn’t going to happen. There are people who live in Vegas and can’t get out to do it all so slow down pick a few things and ENJOY your trip.